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Biodiversity Expedition Safaris (BES)

Biodiversity Expedition Safaris (BES), is a tour company which organizes tailor-made safari expedition into Kenya and East Africa covering but not limited to bird watching, big and small mammals tours, cultural and photographic safaris, and student’s ecological expedition. The tour expedition company has a team dedicated to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, which looks forward to serve its clients with dignity, loyalty and professionalism. Biodiversity expedition safaris tailor-made safari itineraries cover all corners of the beautiful country (Kenya) as well as East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda & Burundi). ‘Biodiversity’ as our safari company name suggests, intents to show our clients nature in its widest diversity as it exists in the environment: from the largest terrestrial land mammal-the African Elephant to termites. Biodiversity expedition safaris specializes in organizing birding safaris, bird watching expedition, big mammals safaris, ecological expedition safaris covering reptiles, bats, rodents, shrews, plants, invertebrates, butterflies cultural and archeological tours . Kenya is endowed with vast wildlife, cultural sites, sunny beaches, the mountain peaks, pre-historic sites, rich culture emanating from more than 42 tribes and the warm tropical climate amongst other attractions.

You will be welcomed with ‘a smile from a Kenyan, and as you get into your plane to return home, you will miss one thing; the warm welcome and smile of Kenyan people’. Your holiday safari with Biodiversity expedition safaris (BES) will be truly be enriched by the laughter of folks you will encounter. Additionally, your tour expedition will also change either a life of a child in Kenya or the status of our environment in our country through our appropriate Corporate Social Responsibility. BES is not only about safaris, it also about providing advice and information to people and organizations in need of it. This is provided for in the consultancy business where ecological and socio-economic research can be organized for any taxonomic groups (to study Ornithology (birds), Mammalogy (mammals), Herpetology (reptiles and amphibians), Botany (plants) and Itchtyology (fish) with mentorship from experienced ecologists: guidance can also be provided for individuals interested in foundation and management of community organization in Kenya and Africa and Taxidermy and exhibition services (to prepare stuffed animals and trophies for scientific work (mainly for universities and museums) and tourism promotion) as well initiation of an effective conservation awareness campaigns. Welcome to Kenya and East Africa for a Memorable and Awesome Biodiversity Expedition Safari.

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